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Вахтанг Вахтангишвили,
генеральный директор V-events
My event is freedom
for which I bear huge responsibility.
Егор Горшков,
исполнительный директор V-events
We don't organize parties.
We create events.
V-events project manager
Aleksandr Dubravin
To be precise, meaningful and clear.
Assistant Director
Natalia Filatova
The Event is an incredible challenges and new heights.


Online session

V-events creative director Vakhtang Vakhtangishvili participated in an online session for specialists of a Nizhniy Novgorod event agency “Surprise Studio” on the topic of “The Educational project was initiated by the “Surprise Studio” director, member of NAOM, Nadezhda Zayac. Specialist skills development, experience exchange and creating a unified information space were the biggest priorities of the project. In conclusion of the first session, one of the “Surprise Studio” agency specialists was invited to Saint-Petersburg to take part in preparing the 2020-2021 campaign.



An intensive training event “Directing events”, authored by the V-Events creative director Vakhtang Vakhtangishvili, was held within an educational project “Eventology” in Saint-Petersburg. Participants from Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Tallinn, Riga, Novosibirsk and Tbilisi studied the basics of the director profession, specifics of the scripting art and Playwriting, they also performed a number of practical exercises and reviewed cases.

Authors of the training – Natalia Frankel and Dmitri Rumyantcev, organizers of the federal conference about staging and promoting public events “SOLD OUT”, authors of the “Event-marketing: all about promoting and organizing events”.


V-events & Маy

The V-events team in collaboration with the group of companies “May” realized the 90-year celebration of one of the biggest and strategically important enterprises of this country “ROSTSELMASH”. Acting as creative operators of the project, V-events specialists were in charge of developing a script, staging, video-content development , artist booking and realization of a scenic show dedicated to the past, present and the future of the unique Company.

In the future, leaders of the event market of the South and North-West regions are planning to collaborate further in order to realize larger projects.


V-events in Kazakhstan

V-events specialists in collaboration with one of Kazakhstan’s leading event agencies Bayev

Group started the production of a joint project on the Kazakhstan Republic territory. V-events is in charge of the creative component of the event: concept development, script writing, directing

and supervising the event realization.

Companies plan to continue the collaboration on more projects in the future on Kazakhstan



Sold Out - 2019

The V-events creative director Vakhtang Vakhtangishvili traditionally took part in “Sold-Out 2019” International Forum about organizing and promoting events. “Modern event directing.

Theory and practice”. The speaker performance became one of the most popular sessions with more than 200 participants gathered. An announcement of a strategic partnership between “Sold-Out” forum organizers and V-events in 2020 concluded the performance.



On October 19, Top50byLive winners were announced on stage of the Moscow concert hall "ORION HALL”. The independent award was established by the professional international magazine “Live Communication Magazine”. V-events team was a strategic partner of the ceremony, providing holistic direction and project support.

One couldn’t apply or nominate oneself for Top50byLive. At the heart of the project wasn’t a professional competition, but a special short-list consisting of outstanding persons who make a significant contribution to the development of the event industry in Russia.

Each of the ten categories presented the most outstanding, according to the editors of the magazine, experts in various related areas of the industry.


National Recognition

The V-events team became the national award winner at the annual event industry ceremony "Golden puzzle'2017". "Best Business Event" nomination was awarded to the event marketing international festival "EUBEA 2016". The second place in the "Best New Year Event" category was awarded to the LIVESHOW project. The Award Expert Council consisted of 80 independent experts representing HR, event-industry, marketing and the client community. In 2017 over 400 applications has been submitted for participation in the contest.


SEF 2017

V-events creative director Vakhtang Vakhtangishvili was the key speaker at the international Summer Event Forum, traditionally held in Rostov-on-Don. The Forum is widely considered as one of the most important professional gatherings in event industry. His topic "Event as the art, or Why overly motivated amateurs are so dangerous" had became the subject of the most heated discussions among the delegates and colleagues, re-confirming, once again, V-events team expert level and positioning.


Live.Venues Award 2017

In 2017 the first expert venue award - Live.Venues Award will take place in Russia for the second time. V-events Creative Director Vakhtang Vakhtangishvili has once again been chosen as a member of the expert board of the award. The primary goal of the national project is to discover the best locations of the country, which will host event projects of various types and forms, as well as to increase the quality of locations and services.


Winter Event Forum

On February 16 a closed conference took place as a part of the Winter Event Forum in Kazan. It was held by the National Association of Event Organizers. The main topic of the session was creation of new national projects that are initiated and conducted by the Association in the sphere of Event Trigger Marketing.

V-events Creative Director and the member of NAEO organizing Committee - Vakhtang Vakhtangishvili participated in discussion and development of the projects.


V-EVENTS opens in Yekaterinburg

"Professional production as the foundation of event industry. Dialogue for the brave" was the subject of the speech presented by V-EVENTS Creative Director at the fifth convention of event industry specialists. The convention took place in Yekaterinburg on February 9 and 10. "Today, the Yekaterinburg convention is definitely one of the best Federal events of educational format for subject-matter experts in the industry. High-quality content, professional audience, relevant topics and event cases, nearly half a thousand of participants and the knowledge-on-demand make this project a unique one in the federal market." -Vakhtang Vakhtangishvili



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About us

Our principles.


We trust our clients and ask them to trust us. Our team has to create the event which would not disappoint you and it would become our mutual success. That is why we protect our creative process from any interference, because everyone should mind their own business and not disturb others.


We are fully responsible for what we do and we demand the same from our partners and clients. We stick to deadlines, never late for meetings, rehearse according to the schedules, try to jump from 200 meters, ride sport cars, try on a 10-kilogram suit, fly under the big top or taste a new dish from a chef. We do it, because we are responsible for the result.


We are open for a dialogue.Always and everywhere. We find the inspiration in communication with the world. We like to experiment and to open something new, to learn, to go off the beaten track, because we believe that the strength of a company lies in its openness.


There is no compromise when it comes to quality. If we are organizing an event there are no small details. We care about the clips colour on the speaker’s documents or about the upholstery quality of a guest’s chair. We choose only the best contractors, exclusive locations and platforms. We work only with those who love what they do and advocate the same principles as we do.