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Вахтанг Вахтангишвили,
генеральный директор V-events
My event is freedom
for which I bear huge responsibility.
Егор Горшков,
исполнительный директор V-events
We don't organize parties.
We create events.
V-events project manager
Aleksandr Dubravin
To be precise, meaningful and clear.
Assistant Director
Natalia Filatova
The Event is an incredible challenges and new heights.


The national best

According to the voting results of the expert council of the National Prize in the field of the event industry "Golden Puzzle 2021", 5 projects of the V-EVENTS team were recognized as the best in Russia.


V-EVENTS launches internship programs

​In October 2021, V-EVENTS CEO Vakhtang Vakhtangishvili gave a series of master classes at the leading educational institutions


New format

​V-EVENTS, commissioned by the Gastroshow Moscow project, acted as a creative operator who became the author of two special immersive shows: “Phantasmagorias in Black” “A Bar That Doesn't Exist”.


Strategic partnership with ARMAN holding

In June 2021, President of the ARMAN international holding, Serikbay Bisekeev, and V-EVENTS CEO Vakhtang Vakhtangishvili signed an agreement on strategic cooperation to develop an event calendar with 3 year cycle, which will become part of the dynamic strategy for the formation of the HR brand of the holding and the ARMAN motivational program.



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"GEROPHARM TOP 50" Ceremonyshow
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Ocean journeyshow
The bar that doesn't existshow
LED Togeher awardsshow
SEA eveningshow
EUBEA 2016 award ceremony show
KB Value Dayshow
Smart Family Dayshow
The city is waiting for its heroesshow
House as artshow
Colorful fantasiesshow

About us

Our principles.


We trust our clients and ask them to trust us. Our team has to create the event which would not disappoint you and it would become our mutual success. That is why we protect our creative process from any interference, because everyone should mind their own business and not disturb others.


We are fully responsible for what we do and we demand the same from our partners and clients. We stick to deadlines, never late for meetings, rehearse according to the schedules, try to jump from 200 meters, ride sport cars, try on a 10-kilogram suit, fly under the big top or taste a new dish from a chef. We do it, because we are responsible for the result.


We are open for a dialogue.Always and everywhere. We find the inspiration in communication with the world. We like to experiment and to open something new, to learn, to go off the beaten track, because we believe that the strength of a company lies in its openness.


There is no compromise when it comes to quality. If we are organizing an event there are no small details. We care about the clips colour on the speaker’s documents or about the upholstery quality of a guest’s chair. We choose only the best contractors, exclusive locations and platforms. We work only with those who love what they do and advocate the same principles as we do.