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The Saga of the Real

  • Number of participants: 300 people
  • Format: Musical timed for the anniversary of a prominent athlete and manager
  • Project figures:
    • 42 days of preparation
    • 23 artists
    • 17 original acts
    • 55 staff members

In everyone's life, there is their own phone booth, their own most significant rain for two, and their most important words. It was the same for them. She never thought that this long-legged boy, skillfully outplaying everyone around, would become the one she would thank the heavens for more than once. She didn't think so until the moment he first touched her, carrying her across a puddle and placing her with precision on the curb… A second after that, she knew for sure that he was the hero she had wished for on a frosty night as a little girl, sitting in a sheepskin coat and showing a coin to the Moon… They became each other’s long echo...