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Event university

V-events University. V-events University is an education platform created for event specialists who organize and hold events of different formats.

Our listeners are project managers, producers, scriptwriters, HR directors, heads of PR and marketing departments who work for the biggest Russian companies and international brands represented in Russia.

Within the custom-designed educational programs and units V-events specialists share with the listeners the experiences in holding events, the methodology of project organization, analyze different cases of the executed projects and learn about the up-to-date instruments and technologies in the event sphere. This is the platform where a customer and a doer can meet, the place where you can share experience, communicate and find the truth.

In September 2015 V-events University launches a series of educational seminars on the following subjects:

  • “Modern tendencies in corporate events. International experience and Russian analogues or the secrets of an ideal event.”

    Listeners: HR directors, HR managers.

  • “Stage production in the event sphere. Theory and practice. International experience or why do we fail to make it?”

    Listeners: creative agencies directors, producers, scriptwriters.

  • “Multimedia technologies at the event or how to surprise your guests. Market overview, demonstration of the only multimedia showroom in the Northwestern region.”

    Listeners: HR directors, HR managers, creative agencies directors, producers, scriptwriters

  • “Service in the event sphere. Secrets of ideal relations with clients.”

    Listeners: project managers.

For detailed information on educational programs,
please contact us: (812) 924-63-26.

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