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Siberian Wellness - My Wellness

  • Number of participants: 10,000 people
  • Format: International conference of the Siberian Wellness company
  • Objective: Creating a conference and an award ceremony for the company's best employees
  • Project figures:
    • 64 days of preparation
    • 3 days of setup
    • 93 artists
    • 347 specially made costumes
    • 6 original acts

A large, stadium show gathering over 10,000 people from around the world became one of the brightest events in the life of our client, friend, the Siberian Wellness company. The team from Novosibirsk, Kaliningrad, Moscow, and Saint Petersburg, sleepless nights, dozens of sketches, the search for innovative solutions and techniques, creation of original acts, including specially written musical pieces, hundreds of costumes, unique decorative solutions, 4 hosts, a blend of ethnic and electronic music… The result - recognition by a vast audience and the highest appraisal from the company's founders.