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Mavis Universe

Number of viewers: 270 people

Format: show

Goal: To create a jubilee event for the investment and construction group MAVIS


  • 32 days of preparation
  • 2 days of construction
  • 58 artists
  • 5 exclusively created director’s acts
  • 2 hosts
  • Exclusively created informational portal

The MAVIS universe project is a show created for one of the leading North-West region’s developer’s jubilee. Exclusively for this project, the directing group created 5 acts, each of them revealing the company's main values. The screenwriters developed a singular plot move, which allowed for the viewer’s immersion into the Universe, MAVIS’s microcosm, that exists and develops by its own laws and rules.

To maximize the concept and aesthetics of visual futurism in the show, modern stage technologies were used - kinetic installations, stage screens, the possibilities of a dynamic stage, a system of lifting and lowering mechanisms, author's video content created specifically for the show, and more.

The project is a nominee for the National Award in the field of event industry "Golden Puzzle 2021".