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Winter Gala

Number of Participants: 300 people

Format: New Year's show

Objective: Creating an event dedicated to celebrating the New Year

Project figures:

  • Original script
  • 4 specially created performances
  • 45 days of preparation
  • 2 days of installation

The young, bold, and daring team of intellectuals, that's how the team We-One can be described. We wanted to create a sophisticated, intelligent, and emotionally vivid event specifically for them, in which each employee of the company could become a hero. Based on the team analysis, we generated the concept of Winter Gala, behind the seemingly simple name lies a truly magical world filled with the spirit of the New Year. Guests entered the legendary hall of the Metropol Hotel, where a specially created performance unfolded on stage that evening, featuring the best young artists from all over the country, whose main message was such a simple phrase, "Dream, because as long as you can do it, you're human!"