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SEA evening

Number of guests: 200

Format: Show

Goal: Positioning of the company as a market leader and a reliable and successful strategic partner.


• Creation of a staged corporate show, dedicated to the company’s 10th anniversary

• Development of the project’s design concept

• Creation of video settings and video content of the project

• Logistics of the project

• Comprehensive project management.

Project in figures:

• 41 days of preparations

• 2 days of installation

• 98 artists, actors and performers

• 3 special performances

• 56 minutes of original video content

A whale, as an image of the largest sea creature and as a symbol of leadership, strength, power and superiority, associated with the entire show and became a relative code and a metaphor of the SEA. Original multimedia installations, greeting guests in the main lobby, an interactive entertainment show, specially created performances with the participation of the best dancers and singers of the country, the kinetic sculptures integration and video settings as co-narrators of the show turned this production into one of the most outstanding projects of the team.