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The city is waiting for its heroes

Number of guests: 600 people

Format: Presentation of the residential complex “LEGENDa of the heroes”

Goal: To inform experts in the field of real estate about unique characteristics of the residential complex and to form SMART standards for sales of the company's premises.


  • Development of creative concept
  • Development of the scenography of the space
  • Creation of script and direction of the event
  • Staging of performances with the company’s employees
  • Development of the project’s logistics
  • Project management

Project in figures:

  • 10 days of training
  • 7 speakers
  • 600 participants

“Only the product and the audience. Nothing more.” Presentation of the residential complex “LEGENDa of the Heroes” was implemented within this formula. A conceptual dialogue between the audience and the senior management of the company, first-person presentations, exchange of information and rewarding of the industry’s professionals turned this project into a successful tool of communication between the developer and the community of realtors.