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Ball of Winners

Number of viewers: 120 people

Format: Corporate Award Ceremony

Goal: to create a motivational event for CDEK employees


  • 3 days of the project
  • 6 excursions
  • 3 types of transport in the logistics chain of the project
  • 17 participating cities from all over Russia and abroad
  • 33 days of preparation
  • 2 days of installation
  • 100 Winners

The Winners' Ball is the final component of the large, motivational "Formula 1" project of the CDEK company, which is held annually to encourage and motivate the company's employees.

As part of the 10th anniversary project, held in St. Petersburg, over 100 employees from all regions of Russia and foreign countries took part in a three-day program, culminating in an award ceremony for the best specialists that took place on the stage of the Summer Palace.

As a concept, a paraphrase of classical European ceremonies was chosen, dictated by the location, interior solutions and the semantic content of the event.

The project is a nominee for the National Award in the field of event industry "Golden Puzzle 2021".