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White day party

Number of participants: 300 people

Format: Offsite multi-component event

Task: Creating an event dedicated to the celebration of the Builder's Day

Project numbers:

  • 28 Days of preparation
  • 2 Days of installation
  • 4 Simultaneously operating locations
  • Author's design team building
  • 70 Staff

"White day party" is a motivational HR project for a young team, which has become the starting point in the formation of their own, unique HR DNA. The event, which includes the author's design team building, a series of master classes from the country's leading experts and an evening event with the participation of artists, has become one of the most striking projects in the history of the company.

Creation of art objects forming a company logo, a series of master classes, sports locations and competitions, an outdoor swimming pool, a concert program with elements of an immersive show, each of these components has become a complete and logically adjusted eco-environment, plunging into which participants were able to take in key brand values.