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LED Togeher awards

Number of guests: 200 people

Format: Award ceremony

Goal: to create a motivational tool for Pulkovo airport’s partner airlines

Task: complex implementation of the award ceremony «LED Togeher»

Project in figures:

  • 30 days of preparation
  • 2 days of installation
  • 5-hour program
  • 11 nominations

"LED Togeher" award is a landmark event for air companies that annually reveals names of the winners in 11 special categories. In January 2020, the project was held with the participation of members of the Federal and Regional Government, who noted a great importance of the award for the aviation industry as a whole, and for the tourist cluster of the North-West region. For 9 years this project has allowed airlines based at Pulkovo International airport to receive recognition from their colleagues and the professional community, to identify the most successful development vectors, and to consolidate their leading positions through public recognition.