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EUBEA 2016 award ceremony

Number of guests: 470

Format: Awards Ceremony

Goal: creation of the Eubea-2016 awards ceremony


• Development of creative concept

• Video content and video decorations development

• Creation of original script and direction of the event

• Development of the project’s logistics

• Creation and adaptation of the artistic performances

• Performers and headliners booking

• Internal logistics of the project

• Project management

Project in figures:

• 65 days of preparations

• 2 days of installation

• 3 special performances

• 55 minutes of original video content

Eubea is a legendary festival of event marketing and fluid communication. For 11 years it has been held in Europe and in 2016 for the first time in the history of Russian event-industry it was held in St. Petersburg (Russia). Two-hour award ceremony, which took place on the stage of the show space "Leningrad Center", was the culmination of a three-day project. English-speaking audience, 2 hosts, more than 60 nominees, representing 22 countries, high-ranking guests and, of course, the memorable stage performance. According to Live magazine, all these allowed the 11th EuropeanBestEventAwards Ceremony to become the best ceremony in the history of the festival.

Performances from the repertoire of the show-space "Leningrad Centre" were used during the event.