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Colorful fantasies

Number of guests: 270

Format: Social rout

Goal: Creation of a client event, which will enhance customer loyalty to the brand and demonstrate exclusive event cases and technologies used to create modern event-programs.


• Development of creative concept

• Development of the event’s corporate style

• Development of the scenography of the space

• Creation of original script and direction of the event

• Development of the project’s logistics

• Formation of partnership event cases

• Project management

Project in figures:

• 50 days of preparations

• 27 artists

• 4 locations

Customer event is the most effective way to create brand loyalty and to promote event-agencies.

V-EVENTS in collaboration with professional HR-club "Kak delat?" organized a social rout for HR Directors of the largest companies from the North-West region. The event took place on the coast of the Gulf of Finland at the Majestic country residence.

The interactive component of the event was realized through a concert program, during which the clients, presented by HR Directors, with the assistance of the electronic voting system selected the best hosts, artists and speakers of the evening. As a result they formed a rating chart which is used as a basic analytical material among the event-specialists.