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50 shades of a woman

Number of viewers: 100

Format: Musical

Goal: To create a musical attributed to an anniversary of a person


  • 32 days of preparation
  • 2 days of construction
  • 58 artists

This project has been a breath of fresh air for the V-EVENTS team from the very beginning. Bold. Honest. Bright. It turned out to be incredibly difficult to create a big anniversary show “50 Shades of a Woman” for someone close in spirit, views, in relation to human life, perhaps that is why it turned out so impactful. Without meandering, about tears, pain, parting, searching for oneself, faith in true love, about the very same love for the world and people, about something very personal. When the audience in the hall says "...we cried sobbing with happiness..." - it is catharsis, the highest goal of any stage work…