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Avito art fest

Number of guests: 900

Format: Open-air

Objective: to create an intra-corporate event for the company's personnel to increase motivation and to broadcast updated values of the company.

Project in figures:

• 60 days of preparation

• 2 days of installation

• 2-day program

• 900 guests

• 120 employees became participants of the show

• 40 meters of graffiti created by the employees

Two-day “Avito art fest” festival became a place of manifestation of creative potential for almost a thousand of young, proactive, ambitious employees of AVITO. Their motto "People make decisions here!" became a sense-forming message of the whole event. The event included a giant graffiti, telling about the worlds of the company, a performance of more than 120 employees, a beatbox-interactive, a dance flash mob for 500 people and a giant art cube, painted in the aesthetics of modern calligraphy. Getting inside the cube everyone could find their own unique associations, feel the surrounding world, remember something really important, and briefly get in touch with the cosmic understanding of yourself and your mission in life... All this is only a small part of the bright summer Avito art fest.