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Conversation between men

Conversation between men

Number of participants: 17 people

Format: Show dedicated to a person's anniversary

Objective: Creating an event for the anniversary

Project figures:

  • Author's stage design and decor
  • 8 specially created acts
  • 30 days of preparation
  • 2 days of installation

Intimate events are a particularly challenging format where everything is crystal clear, and you can't hide behind scale, color, and decorations. Emotional restraint is seen as a sign of the highest professionalism. The anniversary celebration of a major businessman, a happy father, a true friend, only for the closest friends, without any unnecessary people...

Of course, the event was held in the aesthetics of closed men's clubs: muted tones, velvet curtains, a cognac-colored table, jazz, brandy, and whiskey in glasses, soft voices...

An immersive show dedicated to the life of the anniversary man unfolded on stage for the guests: here he is in his childhood, a moment later we are transported to the pages of the hero's youth, and a few minutes later, we see him as a happy father, son, and brother... because only such stories can be shown to the closest people. Under the whisper of a January evening. On the banks of the Neva.