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Number of participants: 30 people

Format: Immersive show

Task: Creating an event dedicated to the celebration of the birthday of a private person

Project numbers:

  • Author's script
  • 7 Specially designed numbers
  • 45 Artist-designed costumes
  • 78 Days of preparation
  • 3 Days of installation
  • 23 Artists and musicians
  • 87 Staff

It's not a simple story...

Not simple just because it is honest, in paragraphs sharp and trembling with pain, stabbing with the truth and making you hold your breath. Not simple, because on its margins are written a lot of promises to yourself, which have become beacons. The one whom you consider to be always smiling and bright, the one who still remembers his beloved, plush Rex, will turn out to be frighteningly bold, deep, vulnerable and sensitive, diligently hiding incredible worlds that Hollywood screenwriters would have been chasing greedily…

Ladies and Gentlemen! Remember this evening, it will never happen again, because revelations happen so rarely, and the truth is so beautiful!

Project partners: Ula Project, Rdecor, ScreenMaster

The project is a nominee for the National Award in the field of the event industry "Event of the Year".