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  • Number of participants: 600 people
  • Format: Corporate musical
  • Objective: Creating a motivational project for company employees
  • Project figures:
    • 29 days of preparation
    • 2 days of setup
    • 20 artists
    • 67 company employees, show participants

The pre-New Year's city resembles a book in which dozens of incredible stories unfold. Against the ink-black sky, they seem a bit more trembling and deeper than usual, if you only look into the windows, each of which has witnessed many revelations. Each time I walk through the pre-New Year city, I read these lines written on thin panes of glass. Reading them, I realize that there is nothing more beautiful than life; it doesn’t spare pages or ink, boldly placing words from margin to margin, coloring the pages with the most incredible plots that include true friendship and honor, defeats and triumphs, mistakes, victories, searches, true love, and of course, dreams…