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«On the crossroads»

Number of guests attending: 400

Event type: Corporate beauty contest

Goal: To develop a project that would significantly increase corporate brand loyalty among the team, while transmitting company’s mission – “A place you can be successful”

Job: To create a memorable show, consisting of two traditional runway walks and staging 15 different style performances, all done by company’s own female staff. Project coordination and supervision.

Project in figures:

  • 42 days to prepare
  • 2 days to install
  • 22 artists took part
  • 17 staged performances
  • 20 exclusive video installations
  • 1 video clip

Standing still, your head facing towards the star-dotted skies, all the cities may seem equally beautiful ... But every city is packed with its own stories: cheerful and sad, happy and tragic, frivolous and serious ...

Hundreds of windows are lighting up every evening; just peek behind the curtain - there may be plots unfolding worthy of another David Lynch movie, and in the morning ... in the morning, still wrapped in the scraps of other people's dreams, we meet again at the crossroads, merging into the crowd, blending in quiet happiness, blind faith and screaming pain...