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Legend Formula

Number of participants: 300 people

Format: A multi component off-site event

Goal: To create an event timed with Builder’s Day celebration!


  • A mobile, specially constructed concert hall
  • 62 days of preparation
  • 12 days of construction
  • 51 performers
  • 207 personnel
  • 4 hosts

“Legend Formula” is a multi-component - project, involving an original design-team building, a series of masterclasses by the country’s leading professionals, an evening show timed with Builder’s Day celebration and night art-performance.

The creation of copyright art objects that fold into a single formula for the company, the launch of its own currency into circulation, a show with the participation of company employees, a night performance on the banks of the Vuoksa River, accompanied by the ethnic singer GURUDE, each of these components has become a full-fledged, independent project, combined into a single semantic composition using a single plot and visual components of the environment.

The project is a nominee for the National Award in the field of event industry "Golden Puzzle 2021".