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Legenda friends fest

Number of guests: 500

Format: Festival of neighbors

Goal: To form a neighbors’ community, introduce future tenants to each other and increase brand loyalty.


  • Development of creative concept
  • Development of the scenography of the space
  • Creation of script and direction of the event
  • Development of the project’s logistics
  • Project management

  • Project in figures:

  • 30 days of training
  • 11 interactive locations
  • 10 workshops
  • audience in the 4 - 63 age range
  • V-events became a coordinator of the corporate festival project LEGENDA FRIENDS.

    The main purpose of the project was to create a neighbors’ community among the clients of LEGENDA company as well as to integrate new customers into existing communication, increase brand loyalty and to form and consolidate an image of a strong, honest company.

    In order to provide comfortable communication among the participants of the event a certain format had been chosen. This format involved communication with the representatives of the company, performances in the role of experts and an opportunity to create workshops for future neighbors.

    The entire location, chosen for the event, was turned into one big festival venue where guests were offered many different activities, from the launch of branded kites to numerology workshops.