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Simple stories

Number of guests: 150

Format: Multimedia performance

Goal: creation of a staged corporate performance as a way to motivate the personnel and to transmit the company's values.


  • Development of creative concept
  • Development of the event’s corporate style
  • Development of the scenography of the space
  • Creation of original script and direction of the event
  • Development of the project’s logistics
  • Creation and adaptation of the performances
  • Performers booking
  • Project management

Project in figures:

  • 70 days of preparations
  • 5 actors - employees
  • 5 special theatrical performances
  • 8 narrative multimedia installations

The production group has chosen the format of a one-man show in the style of Yevgeny Grishkovets. The actors of the show were male employees of the client company. Multimedia decorations transformed the space into an interactive museum, which was dedicated to the great women of our time who had left mark in history – Indira Gandhi, Anna Akhmatova, Faina Ranevskaya, Elizabeth Thatcher and many others. Real life stories of male colleagues, narrating about their relationships with women, also became the conceptual content of the performance. Stories about first kiss, high school love, a firstborn and many others were a real revelation for the women of the company. Musical accompaniment of the project was provided by True Jazz Band, who have already set standards of style in the world of music.