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SDEK - a new story.

Number of online guests: 5000

Format: Hybrid event(Online and offline conference)

Goal: Updated company strategy presentation, outlining key business goals and processes, generation of options to resolve basic deficits.

Task: Create an online conference


  • 5000 viewers
  • 27 days of preparation
  • 2 days of construction
  • 12 hours of speaker rehearsals
  • 7 hours of live broadcasting
  • 43 kilometers of wiring
  • 2 hosts
  • A custom, specifically made website and communication instruments

Traditional conference of the logistics company was timed to coincide with the 21st anniversary of the unique brand and became the first online event product for the inside audience.

The V-EVENTS team developed a creative concept “New History”, which deliberated on key changes occurring in the company’s inner systems, crucial goals and tasks for the following few years, strategic projects and roadmaps within the “SDEK” ecosystem.

The CEO of the company was one of the hosts, executives of different branches were the speakers and the most effective managers and partners took part in interviews live - this allowed for unwaning audience attention and interaction with the main studio and speakers.