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10 years flying high!

Number of Guests: 500

Format: Hybrid event (online and offline company anniversary event)

Goal: Personnel motivation, communicate company’s values and raising communication between workers


  • 21 days of preparation
  • 2 days of construction
  • 8 hours of broadcasting
  • Broadcasting across 2 cities
  • 54 kilometers of wiring
  • 12 guests in the studio

A 10 year anniversary is a unique event of massive importance for a company. The V-EVENTS team created a truly unique hybrid event concept for this occasion. It satisfied all the safety norms and regulations necessary due to COVID-19 pandemic, all the while including the best aspects of an offline event, all integrated into a television format.

All the offices of the company have been decorated and stylised according to the event brandbook, every guest received a personal “Aero box” with a set of special flight meal. Two television sets were established inside the company’s headquarters. Also, from each regional branch office and several sales offices, employees had an opportunity to connect and express their heartfelt and creative congratulations, a music program was created, integrating into the show employees, who performed several stage numbers. An exclusive line of celebratory merchandise was created for the employees.