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The Creation of Legend

Number of guests: 200

Format: team building/Gala dinner

Goal: Transmission of the brand’s values to the company employees; "reliving" and strengthening of the values.


• Development of the event’s script

• Development and realization of teambuilding components

• Directing of the project

• Development of the project’s logistics

• Comprehensive project management

Project in figures:

• 30 days of preparations

• 3 days of installation

• 75 artists, actors and animators

• 3 special performances

• 48 minutes of original video content

A two-day offsite event for one of the leaders in the field of development was to become a conceptual and meaningful reflection of the philosophy and values of the company. New team members needed not just to understand the values and the main message of the brand, but to feel and experience them by engaging in a particular kind of creativity, by becoming co-creators of the company's success and drawing a parallel with great creators in the human history. Thus, there were "Da Vinci Workshop," "Galileo's Laboratory", "The Lumiere Brothers Workshop" and other platforms of the day.

Ten different stages from the modern art performances and photography to graffiti and a beatbox-battle filled the day. The culmination of the event was a gala dinner, during which the employees, who had proved themselves in different areas, were addressed as creators.