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Fresh Day

Number of guests: 700

Format: Family day

Goal: Informal networking between professionals of various departments and their management, strengthening the company's image as a socially responsible employer.


• Development of creative concept

• Development of the event’s corporate style

• Development of the scenography of the space

• Creation of original script and direction of the event

• Development of teambuilding activities and stations

• Development of the project’s logistics

• Project management

Project in figures:

• 22 days of training

• 3 days of installation

• 18 interactive stations

• 2 stages

The freshness of the format, the freshness of live interaction and fresh relationships between young colleagues as well as the freshness of the breeze were the key metaphors in the development of the event. For a day over 800 company employees and their families became members of one family, cooking for each other meals from different national cuisines, competing in making and running kites, taking part in a dancing flash mob and, of course, communicating with each other, despite the regalia and status.