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The evening in Lion Palace

Number of guests: 180 people

Format: Dinner party

Goal: To motivate the company’s employees and increase their loyalty to the brand.


  • Development of creative concept
  • Development of the scenography of the space
  • Creation of script and direction of the event
  • Staging of performances with the company’s employees
  • Development of the project’s logistics
  • Project management

  • V-events experts created an elegant and refined Christmas show in the style of St. Petersburg’s magnificent social routs for one of V-events’ clients. The event took place in the ballroom of Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace, within the walls of the legendary "House with lions". A delicate integration of modern technologies into a palace environment, taking into account the classical interior of the XIX century, which became a real decoration of the show, was one of the goals of the project. Floral arrangements development, the venue’s decor, transformation of the ballroom, script development, staging of performances with the company's employees, directing of the show and casting of artists of various genres is only a small part of work managed by V-events. As a result the guests witnessed a Christmas show combining in itself the well-known holiday and a unique modern approach.