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A Hotel’s stories

Number of viewers: 3000

Format: Interactive show

Goal: To create an immersive gastronomic show


  • 42 days of preparation
  • 3 days of construction
  • 9 original acts
  • Custom specially created decor and scenography elements
  • Original, thematic menu

Once this hotel was the decoration of the city, its luxury and brilliance attracted famous politicians, businessmen, artists, musicians, the powers that be, exquisite silhouettes wrapped in the thinnest cloud of perfume floated through the oak, brass-studded doors. Ladies and gentlemen sat in velvet armchairs, languidly sipping the wines of the best houses, the musicians flew up onto the stage, bestowing a snow-white smile on the guests, while forged elevator cabins transported guests from all over the world to the floors, and the porter's bell continuously broke the hum of voices of the lobby bar…

These rooms have seen many stories, they have witnessed great deeds and dramas, for some the hotel became springboards for a new life, for some the last refuge, for others a bitter memory of better times.