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My way

Number of participants: 100 people

Format: Monomusical

Goal: To create a story-based musical, dedicated to the celebration of an anniversary


  • 13 days of preparation
  • 2 days of construction
  • 51 artist
  • 100 staff
  • 2 hosts
  • 3 tons of custom-made decorations and furniture

The creation of a musical, based on a specially created script, with the integration of already existing performances and their adaptation was a challenge to the V-EVENTS team.

A 60-minute show that tells about a person's path, his search for true friendship, pure love, creation of himself, became part of a large program with the participation of such stars as Leonid Agutin and jazz-punk diva Teona Kontridze.

Designer decorations, specially made furniture and costumes, specially created musical arrangements have become irreplaceable fragments of a unique canvas, considered by our team to be one of the best projects of 2021.