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Georgia silver night

Number of guests: 60

Format: Theatrical mystery

Goal: Create a private, closed event for partners and key clients


  • 67 days of preparation
  • 60 guests
  • Artisanal menu
  • 320 kilograms of natural materials used for decorations
  • Multimedia photography location
  • 2 days of construction
  • 2 hosts

“We all have a sky we call our own. We remember it always, regardless of age, amount of silver in our hair, timbre of voice or favourite piece of literature… That sky, velvety soft, stars, almost as if ready to fall from their cradles. A sky like this covers only a land capable of love…. Capable to love a woman, a friend, a mother and freedom. Such a sky covers Georgia…”

Theatrical mystery, thus was defined the genre of this private closed event to the guests. A phantasmagoria of dreams of a childhood, of Georgia, memories, allusions and metaphors. Playing with space, texture and color allowed us to transform a hall of the oldest winter garden in Saint-Petersburg into an enormous, authentic living room af a georgian home. Artisanal, plot-driven video installation, a series of specifically crafted stage numbers, unique decorations and menu, tailored for that evening. Figurative meaning and symbolism in every detail and an exquisite level of service allowed for this event to become one of the most breathtaking projects of the 2020-2021 season in Saint-Petersburg.