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NY mood

Number of guests: 180


Event Objective:creating a presentation event for a premium residential complex

Event Goal:to create a presentation of a premium residential complex, revealing its main "atmospheric" characteristics by theatricalization.

Project in figures:

  • 37 days of preparation
  • 2 days of installation
  • Development and creation of customized corporate gifts
  • Creation of exclusive video brand guidelines of the event

Legends are born in the evening, between day and night and between magic of darkness and mystery of twilight. Presentation of a unique object, a residential skyscraper that is made in architectural traditions of the brilliant "Art Deco" and which has no analogues in the modern development market, required non-standard solutions. As a result, the event was stylized as a meeting of members from a private, elite club of the Roaring Twenties. Mandatory dress-code, red carpet, authentic cocktails in accordance with the restored compounding, moire velvet, spicy aroma of women's perfume, jazz divas, step dance, vinyl records in authentic covers and, of course, the indescribable atmosphere of the legendary era. The project has become one of the most successful presentations in the history of the client company – a unique developer in the modern market.