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“The Brightest people”

Number of guests attending: 500

Event type: 10-year Anniversary Special Award Ceremony

Goal: To create festive and high-profile Award Ceremony for the team, as well as internal and external partners, focusing on motivation and increased brand loyalty

Project in figures:

  • 32 days to prepare
  • 3 days to install
  • 86 artists, actors, performers
  • 5 staged performances
  • 46 minutes of exclusive video content

“The Brightest People” creative concept was developed and performed at the Award Ceremony celebrating 10-year anniversary of one of the leading IT companies.

10 years of exploration and discovery, 10 years of defeats and victories, 10 years of development and progress, but what really matters, - during all these years, we’ve had very special people around us. Original, unique, distinctive, and most certainly very bright! Approaching our 10-year anniversary, we created 10 nominations for the brightest people of Embria. The choice we had to make was a rather difficult one...