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Saga about the future

Number of guests: 300

Format: Multimedia show

Goal: the company's positioning as a stable leader in the field of domestic engineering, the main assets of which are unique scientific manpower and the innovation of an industrial complex.


• Creation of a staged corporate show, dedicated to the company’s 25th Anniversary

• Development of creative concept

• Creation of video settings and video content of the project

• Development of the event’s corporate style

• Development of the scenography of the space

• Creation of original script and direction of the event

• Development of the project’s logistics

• Project management

Project in figures:

• 61 days of training

• 2 days of installation

• 47 artists and performers

• 3 special performances

• 48 minutes of original video content

Each guest of the evening could play a part in the Saga about the future. The saga about the company’s history, its principles and philosophy, but most importantly about its people who present the company’s main asset. During the show the most modern technical means had been used, such as kinetic systems, 3D video content, dynamic screens and platforms. The audience was told the Saga about the future, which is being created today by ITC.