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Three Eras

Number of guests: 900

Format: Theatrical show, dedicated to the 160th anniversary of the enterprise


  • Development of original creative concept
  • Development of the event’s corporate style
  • Creation of original script and direction of the event
  • Development of the project’s logistics
  • Creation of artistic performances
  • Performers and headliners booking
  • Project management

Project in figures:

  • 2 months of rehearsals
  • 80 performers

In the framework of the project V-events team transformed the space of the "Baltic house" theatre, changed its stage area and stage construction.

The show was a theatrical production, revealing the three eras of existence of the legendary company. Archival historical documents, real heroes, unique photographs, original performances of different genres, modern multimedia solutions and technologies helped to showcase the history of the Baltic Shipyard in a dynamic and bright way.