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The stories of life

Number of guests: 500

Format: Corporate musical on the occasion of the anniversary of BSS pharmaceutical company


  • Demonstration of the leadership market positions of BSS
  • Organization of a corporate event for partners to mark the 20th anniversary of BSS
  • Increase of employees loyalty to the brand
  • Improvement of communications within the team

Project in figures:

  • 9 months of rehearsals
  • 107 costumes
  • 84 hours of studio work
  • 90 minutes of original video content
  • 11 theatrical performances of different genres – from vocal and choreography to aerial acrobatics


The story, narrating about a man's way to success, has become the main theme of the show. Love and friendship, betrayal and loss, success and triumph – we can’t imagine a human life without these elements. Without them we won’t be able to appreciate the triumph of victory over ourselves and over circumstances.

Each performance has turned into an original artistic project with its own directorial decisions, storylines, visual and musical material, costumes, stunts and multimedia solutions.

Winning project of the event award "Golden puzzle – 2016".