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Live show

Number of guests: 900

Format: Christmas show

Goal: creation of a staged corporate show, as an instrument of staff motivation and presentation of company’s values.


• Development of creative concept

• Development of the event’s corporate style

• Development and production of printing products

• Development of the scenography of the space

• Creation of original script and direction of the event

• Development of the project’s logistics

• Creation and adaptation of the artistic performances

• Performers and headliners booking

• Project management

Project in figures:

• 65 days of preparations

• 2 days of installation

• 6 headliners

• 218 entertainers and performers

• 5 special performances

• 55 minutes of original video content

Story about life, about people who write successful history of one of the largest companies in the country. Story about leadership and overcoming obstacles, about victories, accomplishments and, of course, about a dream.

A five-hour show took place on a specially designed stage with the participation of Boris Shipulin’s ballet, Timur Rodriguez, Dima Bilan, "A-Studio", Valery Meladze, Grigory Leps and Christina Orbakaite. It has become the culmination of a successful year in life of the corporation.