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Evening with friends

Number of participants: 250 people

Format: Social affair

Goal: generation of a private event in a series of projects dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the BSS pharmaceutical company.


• Development of creative concept

• Development of the event’s corporate style

• Creation of video content

• Development of the scenography of the space

• Creation of original script and direction of the event

• Development of the project’s logistics

• Performers booking

• Project management

The reception for the strategic partners, organized on behalf of the President of the company, was the culmination in a series of events dedicated to the anniversary of the company.

The principles of the entertainment genre underlined the event – maximum sociability between the guests and the artists, creation of a relaxed atmosphere, which created a perfect space for communication between the participants of the event and high-quality musical and visual content. Efficient synthesis of these components helped the project to become one of the brightest events in the twenty-year history of the company.