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Ocean journey

Number of guests: 200

Format: Christmas theatrical play

Goal: To create an event that will increase the employees' loyalty to the brand, help new employees to adjust into the corporate culture and reward the best employees of the year.


  • Development of creative concept
  • Development of the scenography of the space
  • Creation of script and direction of the event
  • Development of the project’s logistics
  • Project management

Project in figures:

  • 30 days of training
  • 5 artists

A creative concept of a Christmas theatrical play was developed for V-EVENTS permanent partner that is also a leading company in the field of development. As part of this event all the guests became passengers of a luxurious vintage ocean liner, setting sail on the New Year's Eve. The guests were given personal tickets and boarding passes imitating those from the Early Twentieth Century. Arriving participants were greeted by members of the Ocean Liner's Crew and by the employees of the passenger port. Throughout the journey the guests were entertained by artists of various genres, including the lead performers of "Leningrad Centre" such as "Chanel Gangsters" band and many others.